8-19-19 Sonoma Racquets Taking Final Entries

8-19-19 Repetition, or Not by Tony Griffin

8-19-19 Chasing Surf in Ireland

8-19-19 Dog Water Park

8-19-19 College Football All-Time Team

8-19-19 Competitive Wiffle Ball

8-19-19 Point

8-19-19 College Football Classic Photos

8-19-19 US Open Tennis Re-words Tickets Competition

8-19-19 Pell Cup

Spec Contingent Enjoys San Jose Pro Tennis

Vasek Pospisil Sounds Off

8-12-19 How Royal Court Led to a Court for Sport by Gordon Kerr

8-12-19 Racquet Matches of the Season, Elshorbagy v Lee

8-12-19 Lower Seams

8-12-19 Dave Gettleman

8-12-19 The World’s Most Sustainable Soccer Stadium by Geoff Rynex

8-12-19 Baseball Mud

8-12-19 Summer Wedge

8-12-19 Father of the Snowboard Sherm Poppen Remembered

What Else You Can Do on a Pickleball Court

8-5-19 Tennis Mailbag

8-5-19 October Women's WTA Tennis Final to Feature $4.7 Million Winner's Purse

8-5-19 Tennis Teaching Legend Dennis Van der Meer Remembered

8-5-19 Ramy 5 Rallies

E-sports Tournament Winner Takes Home Cool $3 Mil

8-5-19 No Ordinary Tour de France

8-5-19 NFL Day in the Life

8-5-19 Study Says Average Kid Quits Sports by 11

8-5-19 Park Ranger

Pennsylvania Spec Meet-up Point

7-29-19 Federer and Djokovic Invest in Universal Tennis Rating

7-29-19 About UTR

7-29-19 World Team Tennis at 44 Years and Counting

7-29-19 Slump

7-29-19 Conditioning Opinion, by Kyle Andersen

City Gym

7-29-19 Bob Jackson's Daily Sports Life in Penang

7-29-19 Non-Hall-of-Famers

7-29-19 The Long and Surprising History of Roller Derby

Fall Spec Class in Marin

Spec Meetup Thriving in Pennsylvania

7-22-19 Djokovic

7-22-19 Wimbledon Parting Thoughts by Jon Wertheim

7-22-19 Wimbledon Multiple In-Match Scoring Changes Under Debate

7-22-19 Big Serves

7-22-19 Tennis on the Roof

7-22-19 Pro Lacrosse Making a Run

7-22-19 College Football Top 100 Players

JFK’s TWA Hotel

*Entries Now Open for Nationals August 3rd & 4th*

Ultramarathoner's Real-Life Training Plan

7-15-19 Philly Pop-Up Padel

7-15-19 A View on Stretching by Arianna Hoffman

7-15-19 Groundbreaking Sports Author Jim Bouton Dies at 80

7-15-19 'Ball Four' Legacy

7-15-19 Joe Montana Napa Valley Estate on the Market

7-15-19 Sports Best Sellers

7-15-19 D-1 Schools Pouring Millions into Athlete Meals

7-15-19 Tour de France Stage 6

New Spec League Underway

7-8-19 2019 Spec Tennis Pacific Coast Video

7-8-19 Wimbledon Midterm Roundtable

7-8-19 Questions with Federer

7-8-19 Slower Grass

7-8-19 Debating Best of 3 in Tennis

Mysterious Life of Tennis's Suzanne Lenglen

7-8-19 Video: Farag v Coll Extended

7-8-19 40 Years of Bookmaking in Nevada

7-8-19 NFL Training Camp

2019 Spec Pac Coast Photos

7-1-19 Wimbledon Men's Big 3

7-1-19 My Lawn Tennis Story by Steve Tignor

7-1-19 New Hampshire Boarding School Novel Features Racquet Sports

7-1-19 World Padel Tour Action

7-1-19 Replay by Bob Ford

7-1-19 You Make the Call