11-30-20 Talking a Good Game by Steve Tignor

11-30-20 Murray Backs Compulsory Tennis Vaccines

Notable Books 2020

11-30-20 The Inside Story of Hobart's 'Soul Patrol' by Brian Simpkins

11-30-20 Brown Players Sue for Varsity Reinstatement

11-30-20 High End Fitness Gifts

11-30-20 College Cheerleading and Big Bucks by Tess DeMeyer

11-30-20 Nurses Protest Athlete Testing Inequity

Tennis Mailbag

11-23-20 Australian Open Tennis Facing Hurdles

Why Do I Hike, Nikola Horvat

11-23-20 Andrew Whitworth

11-23-20 $199 Insoles and Other Gifts

11-23-20 December Florida Triathlon with Million Dollar Purse

11-23-20 Mike Mussina and Andrew Luck Among Stanford Ex-Athletes Pushing for Varsity Sports Reinstatement

11-23-20 Solo Long-Distance Walking In England

11-23-20 Holiday Fitness Accessories

Tennis Lessons Learned by Peter Bodo

Colette Evert

11-16-20 Ivy League KO's Winter Sports

11-16-20 Masters Parting Thoughts by Ryan Asselta

11-16-20 Vail v Harris Squash 57

11-16-20 Golden State Warriors Propose On-Site Fan Covid Testing

11-16-20 Megarally

11-16-20 The Best Job Ever Invented

11-16-20 Outdoor Squash in Los Angeles by Nick-At-Will

Set Up

11-9-20 Maria Sakkari

11-9-20 Nadal with 1000th Match Win

11-9-20 Tennis Mailbag

11-9-20 Why They Choke

11-9-20 Queen's Gambit by James Zug

11-9-20 Joelle King

11-9-20 Brutal Point

Tennis Mailbag

11-2-20 Guillermo Vilas

UMass Women's Tennis Latest Victim of NCAA Reach

11-2-20 Squash 57 Intro

11-2-20 Podcasters Discuss Atlantic Niche Sports Article (41:45)

11-2-20 Lots of Energy as New Zealand Copes with Covid by Rod Bannister

11-2-20 Slo Mo, Gawad v James

11-2-20 Bryson DeChambeau

10-26-20 Topsy-Turvy Season by Steve Tignor

10-26-20 Off Mike Emrick

10-26-20 Winter and Covid Fitness

10-26-20 Lost and Found by Greg Bishop

10-26-20 More Trouble for Boris Becker

10-26-20 Misdirection

10-26-20 Fitness Watches

10-26-20 Ivy League Spring Semester Uncertain

Scenic Court

Moms Mad at NYC Fitness Fanatics

10-19-20 After the Grand Slams by Matthew Futterman

10-19-20 In Paris by Steve Tignor

10-19-20 Larry David Sports Moments

10-19-20 NCAA Grants Extra Year for Winter Sport Athletes

10-19-20 Tough Outlook for Indoor Sporting Activities

10-19-20 18 Yale Hockey Players Instructed to Isolate

10-19-20 UK Wrestling with Covid Recreation Guidelines

10-19-20 Not a Pretty Picture

French Open Parting Thoughts

10-12-20 Iga Swiatek

Yale Tennis and Covid

10-12-20 On Pandemic Sports Ratings by Will Leitch

10-12-20 SI Powerful Sports Women

10-12-20 Men's Shot of the Month

10-12-20 USC Story by Michael Rosenberg

10-12-20 Endurance Athletes and Pain

10-12-20 1998 Intercollegiate Champion Ivy Pochoda and the Late Kobe Bryant

New Welcome to Spec Tennis

10-5-20 Spec on Clay

10-5-20 Fun with Spec

10-5-20 Tennis Training Future

10-5-20 Upset Sunday at French Open

10-5-20 Tennis Opening Up to Underhand Serves


10-5-20 Epic Point

10-5-20 The Great Heather McKay Going Strong