2-11-19 Proper Recovery Positions in Spec Tennis (and Tennis)

2-11-19 Florida Resident Calls Pickleball Noise Committee a Waste of Time

2-11-19 10-Court Complex Suggested Inside Former New York Supermarket

2-11-19 San Luis Obispo Reportedly Spending $120K on Spec/Pickleball

2-11-19 Study Suggests Athletes Can Hack Brain

2-11-19 Christie Aschwanden on Recovery

2-11-19 You Make the Call

2-11-19 Where Sports are an Afterthought

2-11-19 The Birthplace of Modern Medicine

2-11-19 UK’s Best Living Museums

2-4-19 Parent/Child Spec Tennis

2-4-19 Streetwear Generation and Tennis

2-4-19 Mental Edge: Choking

2-4-19 Ultrarunner Jasmin Paris

2-4-19 Sports Betting and How the Games are Played

2-4-19 Stephanie Labbé

2-4-19 Video: ToC Moments

2-4-19 The Fight Over the Future of California Football by Michael Weinreb

2-4-19 ToC Men's Final

2-4-19 A Day in the Life of a Sushi Master

1-28-19 Green Valley, Arizona, Committee Approves $1.25 Million Pickleball/Spec Complex

1-28-19 Andy Murray and the Grind of Modern Tennis by Tumaini Carayol

1-28-19 Up or Down on Doubles by Karen Crouse

1-28-19 Scribe Sees American Tennis Future

1-28-19 Margaret Court Arena Controversy Continues

1-28-19 Brutal Point 1

1-28-19 Brutal Point 2

1-28-19 Vulnerability of Ex-Champions by Emma John

1-28-19 Beverly Hills Spread with Sports Listed for $72 Million

1-28-19 New York City in Color, 1900-1919

1-21-19 8 Reasons to Choose Spec Tennis over Pickleball

1-21-19 Florida City Council Adds Pickleball Committee in Repsonse to Noise Complaints

1-21-19 The High Cost of Being an Elite Tennis Player by Sam Downing

1-21-19 Think and Act by Steve Tignor

1-21-19 Point

1-21-19 ToC Greatest Moments

1-21-19 Bel Air Sports Mega-Mansion Back on the Market

1-21-19 Red Sox - Yankees, 1931

1-21-19 The Principal

1-21-19 Holy Toledo

1-14-19 10 Reasons Why Spec Can Help Your Tennis Game

1-14-19 Custom Spec Paddles Available Now

1-14-19 Future of On-Court Coaching by Steve Tignor

1-14-19 Point

1-14-19 Aussie Open Court Tennis Quarters

1-14-19 Fittest 50

1-14-19 Eliud Kipchoge

1-14-19 Yanks v A's, 1934

1-14-19 Wild Orcas

1-14-19 The Wall

1-7-19 Floridians Sound Off on Pickleball Noise

1-7-19 The Return of Tennis by Steve Tignor

1-7-19 Top Shots

1-7-19 Best Running App is Free by Madison Kircher

1-7-19 Massage Robotics

1-7-19 Alabama-Clemson Ticket Prices Dive

1-7-19 Rugby Tackling in Texas

1-7-19 Mikaela Shiffrin Profiled

1-7-19 Pickleballer Unloads 100 Pounds

1-7-19 High Ankle Innovation

12-31-18 Spec Action in Roseburg, Oregon

12-31-18 Tennis Trends and Topics

12-31-18 Bill Simon 'Has It Right'

12-31-18 Tennis's Qureshi Profiled

12-31-18 Guy Completes 921-Mile Race Across Antarctica

12-31-18 The Legend and Myth of Halftime Adjustment

12-31-18 One-Time NFL Record Holder Warren Wells Dies at 76

12-31-18 Sports Bloopers and Blunders '18

12-31-18 Coaches and Calling Players 'Kids'

12-31-18 This Old House Best New Home Products 2018

12-24-18 Spec Tennis Set to Make Inroads in Suburban Washington, DC

12-24-18 Tennis Coaching Business Booming and Chaotic by Peter Bodo

12-24-18 Less is More by Luke Roloff

12-24-18 Tennis Retiree Reflects on 0 for 10 in Career Finals

12-24-18 Angelique Kerber: How the Gym Changed My Tennis

12-24-18 ITF Releases Alternate Pro Tennis Rankings

12-24-18 Sports Knuckleheads 2018 by Steve Politi

12-24-18 Year-End Sports Media Awards

12-24-18 Predictions 2019

12-24-18 Pickle Juice Sport Drink Among Tennis Gear of the Year

12-17-18 Australian Open Considering 1st-to-10 5th Set Tiebreak

12-17-18 Steve Tignor: Tennis Book Club

12-17-18 Foot Squash Introduced in Holland

12-17-18 Favorite TV 2018 by Troy Patterson

12-17-18 Muay Thai Fighter KOs Opponent and Ref

12-17-18 A Surefire Way to Lose Weight by Nick Hoppe

12-17-18 Sports Media Stories 2018

12-17-18 Architects Combine Fitness and Squash

12-17-18 Tennis's Gimelstob Pleads Not Guilty in Halloween Altercation

12-17-18 The Zodiac Case, 50 Years and Counting by Kevin Fagan


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