6-24-19 Comprehensive Spec Tennis Bible Released

6-24-19 Resorts Embracing Spec/Pickleball Courts

22-Court Bronx Tennis Complex to Host Pro Event

6-24-19 International Roots Fueling Canadian Tennis

6-24-19 Video: World Squash Tour Men's Final

6-24-19 Rise of the Snowplow Sports Parents by Kalyn Kahler

6-24-19 Why I Love Padel by Elliot Selby

6-24-19 A Play to Bring Padel to Philly

6-24-19 The Cultish Dreamworld of Augusta National

6-24-19 Railbiking in Patagonia

6-17-19 Spec Tennis Paddles – Analysis and Direction

6-17-19 Pickleball Facing Opposition in Pittsfield, Mass

6-17-19 10 Moments from Roland Garros by Steve Tignor

6-17-19 Boris Becker: Young Players Not Showing Up

6-17-19 Steffi Graf Turns 50

6-17-19 Padel Growing in the UK

6-17-19 Sports Bestsellers

6-17-19 Vaping and School Athletics

6-17-19 The Fly-Ball Revolution

French Open Shows Present and Future Looking Solid

6-10-19 French Open Employees Fill Empty Corporate Seats

6-10-19 Harrisburg Sports Home Includes Spec/Pickleball

6-10-19 Court Booking, and Founder to CEO

6-10-19 Top-Rated Tennis Resorts and Camps 2019

6-10-19 Beach Vacations

6-10-19 You Make The Call

6-10-19 Ballpark in the American City

6-10-19 How Ali Changed Sportswriting by Ben Pickman

6-10-19 Tony Soprano’s North Caldwell House Hits the Market

New Feature Article on Spec Tennis

6-3-19 Footwork Patterns at the Net

6-3-19 French Tennis Court Turned Garden by Gerald Marzorati

6-3-19 Springtime by Steve Tignor

American Tennis Gets Infusion from Immigrant Families by Christopher Clarey

6-3-19 Former WTA CEO Anne Worcester Named President Of Ellison-Backed Universal Tennis

6-3-19 San Francisco Oracle/NetSuite Serves Notice with 2 out of 3 Scoring

6-3-19 The Relevance of Batting Average by Tom Verducci

6-3-19 College Students Not Checking Out Books

6-3-19 Summer Reading

June 15-16 Pac Coast Championships Taking Near-Final Entries

5-27-19 Easthampton Funds Spec/Pickleball Courts

5-27-19 French Open Goes Tropical

5-27-19 What It’s Like to Go Pro

5-27-19 Racquets Retirement Round Table

5-27-19 Point: Farag v Coll

5-27-19 Point: Gawad v Elshorbagy

5-27-19 Following Edward Abbey in Utah and Arizona

5-27-19 San Francisco Reportedly with Highest World Salaries

5-27-19 Bart Starr Remembered, by Benjamin Hoffman

Spec Stroke Analysis Video

5-20-19 10 Reasons

5-20-19 Texas Wins Men's NCAA's

5-20-19 Stanford Women Over Georgia for 20th NCAA Title

5-20-19 Top Tennis Resorts

5-20-19 Contemporary Spec Houses May Include Spec Courts

5-20-19 Point

Video: Where Legends Are Made: Raphael Kandra

5-20-19 Looking Back by Tim Pears

5-20-19 Spa in a Salt Mine in Belarus

Spec Tennis Social w/ Cal & Santa Clara U Club Tennis Teams

5-13-19 Pac Coast USSPTA Gold-Level Ranking Event Taking Entries

5-13-19 New Spec Paddles Receiving Solid Feedback

5-13-19 Video: Goodbye to the Artist

Tech Startup Pro Football League Crashes

5-13-19 The Grand Canyon at 100

5-13-19 Law & Order’s New York by James Nevius

5-13-19 Running 100 Miles

5-13-19 Shot of the Month Contenders

5-13-19 Video Interview: Samantha Cornett

Spec Photo Gallery

5-6-19 Wawrinka Says Political Chaos Enveloping Tennis

5-6-19 Tennis Practice