About Spec Tennis

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Hi, my name is Nate and I'm a tennis teaching pro.

I came up with the idea for Spec Tennis after my experience playing paddle tennis in Southern California and platform tennis in Connecticut.

Both of those sports are a ton of fun, but are played only in specific areas of the country on an extremely limited number of courts.

By comparison, I was struck by the number of pickleball courts that are popping up all over the US, seemingly on a daily basis.

So I began experimenting by trying out various tennis balls, paddles and rules on pickleball courts with other tennis pros.

The end result was Spec Tennis, which is more competitive and challenging than pickleball (and more tennis-like!).

In Spec Tennis, the relationship between the net height, the dimensions of the court, and the bounce of the ball, make it difficult to hit a lot of outright "winners".

As a result, there are lots of incredible rallies and players have to focus on constructing the point.

This is true in both singles and doubles.

I also created the rules and designed a scoring system that is easy to remember, and makes play very efficient.

With players getting only one serve, the majority of the time spent on the court is actually playing Spec Tennis.

There is not a lot of time spent picking up balls or changing sides.

Another key benefit of Spec Tennis is that even if there is not a court in your area, A court can be created in 15 minutes using painter's tape (to mark the lines) and a portable net, on any standard tennis court.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the Spec court in the future!

Best, Nate